Lateinamerikanische Rhythmen auf der Gitarre

Latin American Guitar

Música a la Chilena

The mutual influence of Latin-American music leads to a constant development by enriching its various genres, offering new rhyth- mical  variations and innovating its expression, depending on the place where it is performed. Regardless of any boundary, this music assimilates and adapts naturally to the requirements, potentials and conditions of its new surroundings.

This process of acculturation, which today is supported very strongly by the media, can be seen clearly in Latin-American culture. Likewise in Chile:  Apart from its traditional songs and dances, Chilean music now includes musical features from the «altiplano», North Argentine and the Caribbean, to name some examples. Being many times quite different from their original versions, these features are becoming more and more a tradition within Chilean society.


The diverse music of Chile, originally played by several ensembles at various festivals in Chile, motivated me to write arrangements and compositions for guitars that should resemble such events.

 That is how the pieces «Tres piezas a la chilena» and «Suite popular para gozar», which are both dances performed at some of our most popular celebrations, were created...